Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How I'm Working--Today's Work

Well, today has been a busy work day for me.

There have been several things that I have written and several more that I will continue to write.

I wrote an eleven page story today, worked on a chapter of a book that I am a ghostwriter on, worked on a chapter of my book, and will also work on some articles for the article writing company.

It's been a pretty productive day. I am hoping that I am even more productive in the next few days and that I can get a ton of stuff done over the weekend.

What I'm Eating: This Week's Menu

Bear Creek Chicken noodle soup
Annie's Organic white cheddar mac and cheese and steamed green beans

oven baked chicken strips for the kids with corn on the cob and baked potato wedges

curried veggies and rice (steamed veggies for the kids)
easy crabcakes with green beans

fresh bruschetta with rye melba toasts
pasta with homemade vodka tomato cream sauce

Well, here are my meals for this week.

2012 Goals

So I hate the thought of New Year's resolutions. I mean what is a resolution anyways? I know that the definition of a resolution is basically something that you are determined to do . However I feel that goals is a better word so for me there will be no resolutions in 2012 but instead there will be only goals. So here goes.

1. To write or do some type of work every day.
2. To make a real salary while working from home doing what I love.
3. To finish my first real book that will be published under my name and not someone else's. (I have been a ghostwriter on books so now I want something that I can get credit for, something that will make my family proud.)
4. To blog on a regular basis
5. To improve my health
6. To exercise at least 10 hours per week
7. To feed my family more healthy foods.
8. To get rid of the majority of the processed foods in our house.
9. To make at least five homecooked meals each week.
10. To join the vegetable share and use all of the vegetables that we get each week.
11. To find ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables that I have never liked before.
12. To become vegan, slowly.
13. To stop drinking soda.
14. To rid our house of refined sugars and corn syrup.
15. To be more active with my children.
16. When weather is nice to go hiking with my kids somewhere at least one time per week.
17. To find new places to hike with my kids during the summer.
18. To rid my house of clutter.
19. To sell the things that I will no longer need and really get rid of stuff.
20. To keep up on all laundry and housework.
21. To do my dishes each night before bed and put all of the already clean ones away.

So yeah it might look like a lot but really they are all pretty simple.

Getting Started

Well it's definitely a new year. Some things are pretty crazy when you think about what all has happened in my life and just how perfect things really are. I love my life now. It has taken me a long time to get to this point though and I have made a lot of mistakes. This is the story of my life as it is happening and with what is going on daily in our own special little world.

There are many things that will go on as I write. I plan on posting recipes and menus for my week when I can. I plan on posting my goals for the year and updating them from time to time. I plan on writing about things that matter to me. I plan on talking a lot about my children and a lot about the things that we do daily.

No matter what this is my space to write a variety of different things that matter to me. I'd love to hear what you think and hope that you will enjoy this blog as much as I am sure that I will love writing it.